NOEL COWARD ( 1899-1973)


Wenda Thomson, Graham "Gray" Abraham (Partners)

Who knew?! This year marks fourteen terrific years that Gallerie Decollect has been in business.

First and foremost, therefore, a shout out and a huge heartfelt thank you to all of our fabulous clients spanning the globe that have made this decade a decided delight.

Ah, but it wasn't always Rockwell Kent champagne buckets and Christofle caviar dishes.

Graham started his illustrious collecting career as a pint sized and precocious Portsmouth Grammar School boy innocently amassing collections that moved progressively through model soldiers, early blues records, vintage leather jackets, art nouveau and finally at age 15, Art Deco. After graduating from Leicester College of Art he began working as a graphic designer in England producing illustration, advertising and marketing in the burgeoning new world that was the music business in the 60's.

Having finally realized that the glorious decade had in fact ended, he fell into the world of mainstream advertising first in Canada and then around the world. His last job title "Vice-President, Creative Director, Multi-National Business Development, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide" was a title only his mother could love.

Meanwhile Wenda had been slogging away in the celluloid producing commercials. (Prior to this her own back pages include but thankfully are not limited to set dresser, photojournalist in New York, archaeological photographer in Cyprus, english instructor - and this one makes the parents proud - hostess in Japan.)

Hence both in search of a new career chapter, endlessly urged by fellow collectors and fuelled by a shared desire to dive full tilt into deco Graham and Wenda launched Gallerie Decollect.

What we offer is assurance of originality (no modern reproductions) straightforward descripts and pics at a fair market price.

We encourage you to write or call in to discuss items (full condition reports, sizes or just to dish on all things deco.

The past few years have realized an additional service - client's who have asked to our delight to assist them not just as a retail outlet but as an integral part in the search for items to complete the design of their homes. (See our soon to be completed section Doing It All Deco.)

But enough about us....we would love to hear from you!

Thank you one and all (and of course Mr. Coward for those words of wisdom....)


Keep on, carry on collecting!


Wenda and Gray

Gallerie Decollect

253 Ridout Street, Port Hope, Ontario Canada, L1A 1P4 Tel. (905) 885-5317 email wenda@decollect.com